SEO Inverness, Scotland

Whether you are starting a new website or already have one, if you want people to visit your site then you need SEO.

Good SEO has many benefits:-
  • Targeted Visitors - by targeting what people enter into a search engine, there is a greater likelihood of your site being exactly what they were looking for, therefore more likely to contact you, read your blog post or buy from your shop.
  • Strong Brand Identity - considering SEO encourages you to consider what you stand for and what you are offering. This can help to develop a much stronger brand identity.
  • Higher Search Engine Rankings - by improving your search rankings you gain more exposure in the Internet community for your target market and keywords.
  • Competitive Edge - a good SEO campaign helps you to understand your competitors better, what your USPs are and to understand where your competition are active and what gives their website search engine power.

SEO Web Design in Scotland

All our websites are built on keyword research meaning your new website design is not a “home in the desert with no sign posts” but can be found by people soon after launch. Follow this up with a monthly SEO effort and you will see your rankings and traffic improve. We may be based in Inverness but the Internet means we can improve your search engine rankings wherever you are!

What is SEO?

SEO stands for search engine optimisation and relates to aspects on and off your website that help it to rank well in search engine for people who are searching for your website’s content. The main aspects of SEO are:
  • Keyword Research - finding out what people actually put into search engines, balancing this against the number of sites who would like to get the attention of those people, and picking some targets.
  • On-site Optimisation - ensuring your website reflects as well as it can the keywords you want to target.
  • Link Building - seeing where it would be appropriate for you to participate or get listed in order to get a link to your website as a virtual 'vote' for it. This takes different forms for different sectors. While we are not a pure link building company, link building is still a vital part to effective SEO.
  • Understanding Competitors - you can't beat all those websites for visitors if you don't understand why your competitors are ranking better than you. SEO services shed light on that question, giving you an SEO Strategy for the future.
  • Social Media, both Google and Bing confirmed last year that Facebook and Twitter influence your search rankings. find out more about social media
The effects of SEO are measurable, but what matters to you is not necessarily the same as your neighbour, friend or co-worker. For a blogger, SEO is about getting more readers, for a shop it means more buyers (or an increased proportion of visitors buying) for a charity it means more donations.

Our SEO Packages

We can tailor any SEO package to your needs and budget, but here are some packages if that suits you:-

Local Campaign


Looking to target a particular city or county? On a limited budget? Then our £75 package is for you. With local keywords, local competitors and targeted link-building for your area, build up your local presence online! To find out the basic principles of Local SEO read our article.

National Campaign


If you’re a bigger business or have such a niche that local just is not sufficient? Then let’s target some broader, national keywords and see you compete for visitors across your country!

International Campaign


Looking to go multi-national and maybe even multi-lingual? Then speak with us about targeting multiple search engines across various countries.

SEO Inverness: Some of Our Clients

XL Displays are specialists in exhibition display boards and external notice boards. At the end of month two, they had five page 1 rankings and our product range per month focus is building the overall site rankings.

Accountancy Solutions are accountants in Hampton, Peterborough. Our local SEO campaign for this small business is about to begin!

Craft on Canvas are specialists in contemporary canvas art. For one target keyword, their ranking jumped nearly 40 places in one month!

Virtual Nations is a browser based game, played by people across the globe and run from Australia. We optimise for (USA) for this client. One of their target keywords has seen them jump from 42nd to 20th for one of their keywords in month one.