Scotland Web Hosting

Scotland Web Hosting from £2.50/month

Keeping your website live is vital to your business in terms of visitors and customers, but also for the maintenance of your search engine rankings.

6 Reasons to host your website with us

  • A UK business having a UK host keeps your website identity consistent when search engines assess your business location, this affects your local SEO efforts.
  • How fast your website runs is taken into account by search engines to rank your site. The closer the server to your target visitors, the better your site will rank for them.
  • No fixed contracts: you can choose to pay for your hosting monthly giving you the flexibility to change host should you choose to.
  • We're in it with you: our website is hosted on the same server as our clients, meaning if you have issues, so do we and you can be assured we will be working to solve the issue too.
  • Many Features: full-featured control panel, flexible packages, WordPress hosting (other CMS including Drupal are available), back-up services, mySQL databases, POP e-mail addresses, web mail and much more - put it this way, we tailor your hosting to your needs from just £2.50/month!
  • Your site has no adverts on it at all - unless you choose to add them yourself! We believe your website should be just that.