Princess Smartypants Rules

Princess Smartypants Rules Princess Smartypants has always preferred her royal pets to a pesky prince but when she decides it would be lovely to have a baby nothing can stand in her way Sure enough a twist of fate brings her

Home Babette Cole Brilliant, outrageous, entertaining and fearless, Babette Cole was one of the finest illustrators of her generation but her skill with a paintbrush was than Six Princess Books for Parents Who Really, Really Hate Is your kid a princess addict Here are six impressive princess books that your kids will enjoy and that won t make you curl your fists in post feminist rage. Booktopia The Princess in Black, Princess in Black by Booktopia has The Princess in Black, Princess in Black by Shannon Hale Buy a discounted Paperback of The Princess in Black online from Australia s leading online CBeebies Schedules, Monday January BBC CBeebies Bedtime Stories Josie Lawrence Princess Smartypants Breaks the Rules Josie Lawrence reads Princess Smartypants Breaks the Rules, by Babette Cole. Adventure Time season The voice actors for the season include Jeremy Shada Finn the Human , John DiMaggio Jake the Dog , Tom Kenny The Ice King , Hynden Walch Princess Bubblegum , and Adventure Time Adventure Time is an American animated television series created by Pendleton Ward for Cartoon Network Produced by Frederator Studios and Cartoon Network Studios Dopey Disney Wiki FANDOM powered by Wikia Dopey is the youngest of the seven dwarfs in Disney s animated film, Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs Eddie Collins performed live action reference with vocal Booktopia Shout Out to the Girls , A Celebration of Booktopia has Shout Out to the Girls , A Celebration of Awesome Australian Women by Penguin Random House Australia Buy a discounted Hardcover of Shout Out to the BBC Cbeebies BBC Cbeebies Bedtime Stories BBC BBC Ethan Zohn and Jenna Morsca announce split after Ethan Zohn and Jenna Morasca have split after years together The Survivor stars began dating in and their love has endured difficult times, including his

Princess Smartypants has always preferred her royal pets to a pesky prince, but when she decides it would be lovely to have a baby, nothing can stand in her way Sure enough, a twist of fate brings her just what she has been hoping for, but she soon realizes babies can be an awful lot of trouble Perhaps Princess Smartypants wasn t cut out for motherhood after all but forPrincess Smartypants has always preferred her royal pets to a pesky prince, but when she decides it would be lovely to have a baby, nothing can stand in her way Sure enough, a twist of fate brings her just what she has been hoping for, but she soon realizes babies can be an awful lot of trouble Perhaps Princess Smartypants wasn t cut out for motherhood after all but fortunately she knows just who is Publishers Weekly wrote of the first Princess Smartypants, Truly comical watercolors in softly glowing colors complement this fairy tale parody perfectly an appealing book for budding feminists This is a hilarious royal romp, packed with action and drama, from master storyteller Babette Cole.
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  • Jennifer (JenIsNotaBookSnob) says:

    This is a book that parents aren't impressed with, but, kids like. I'm sure a lot of parents cringe when Princess Smartypants asks about having a baby without being married. But, when you think about it, small kids have questions like that. In the book, princess smartypants accidentally makes a baby with a recipe gone awry and then ends up hatching dragon siblings for it to help it behave. It's just a weird book. My 6 year old liked it though not enough for an immediate repeat reading. I found p [...]

  • Mary Train says:

    If I could give this zero starsI would! This is the type of book that makes me crazy! The story, in my opinion, is horrible. The characters? Horrible. Illustrations? Not good. 40 thumbs down from my classroom! Not a good one. Avoid it.

  • Yashpreet says:

    This story is about a spoilt princess who baked a baby my accident who ruined her parent’s art exhibition. Count Rottenghut than kidnapped the baby to get revenge on princess smartypants. With the help of the princess’s dragons she was able to rescue the baby. I liked this story because it’s a story in series and it referred to a previous story about why Count Rottenhut wanted to seek revenge. It has nice large detailed pictures, to express feelings and actions Babette used capital letters [...]

  • Jamie says:

    I'll have to look this book over again and see exactly what I didn't like about it because all I wrote down was "horrible." I think it was just an obnoxious book. OH! She makes a baby It was weird and I just didn't like her making a baby out of cooking ingredients and just having a baby because she didn't want to find a prince to have one with. I didn't find it appropriate for small children.

  • Dawn says:

    My conservative upbringing makes me cringe a little at Princess Smartypants - and party of me delights in reading it. Not everyone wants to get married. Nor does Princess Smartypants. In this book she wants a baby, but her parents say she can't because she doesn't have a prince. She ends up getting a baby by mistake when a recipe goes awry. Then she finds out it's not that fun and finds two dragon eggs to hatch and become her full time babysitters.After reading a couple Princess Smartypants book [...]

  • Aaron Siclovan says:

    Princess Smartypants lived in Totaloonie. She loved playing with clever baby dragons, wishing she had one of her own. She asked her mother if she could have a baby without being married, but her mother told her "absolutely not!" Princess Smartypants did not want to be married. Her mother was busy knitting sculptures for the Royal Art Exhibition, so she told the princess that she was in charge of the banquet that was for the the Grand Opening of her art show. Royal gravy must be served at the art [...]

  • Ronyell says:

    “Princess Smartypants Rules” is the sequel from Babette Cole’s famous children’s book “Princess Smartypants.” This time, the princess of hip is in an all-new adventure featuring her tough yet gentle friends, the dragons“Princess Smartypants Rules” is an excellent book explaining about how the female heroine took matters into her own hands when her baby was kidnapped and her realization about the difficulties of taking care of a child. Princess Smartypants at first wanted a child [...]

  • Khayrun says:

    1. Princess Smartypants is a fiery princess who is constantly battling rules set on her by her parents King and Queen of Totaloonia. I really enjoyed reading this book, despite it being an unusual story. To a child the book is light-hearted, fun and full of humour. An adult reading it however, will see the underlying issue within the story; the dangers of having a baby without fully realising the responsibilities beforehand. Princess Smartypants absent-mindedly creates a baby from mixing up diff [...]

  • Sarah Adamson says:

    Ok the illustrations and the principle of a girl princess who breaks from stereotype, the friendly and helpful dragons - love the idea. What then happened to the story? A princess wants to have a baby because baby dragons look cute and has a row with her parents when they say she cannot have a baby without being married.Hello? You just insulted everyone who is a single parent or unmarried parent. You isolated girls who don't understand about sex and left parents to now explain why a princess cou [...]

  • Kathleen Dixon says:

    Princess Smartypants wants to have a baby and asks her parents if it's possible to have one without being married. "Certainly NOT!" is the response. And of course we know from the first Princess Smartypants book (Princess Smartypants that she is not at all interested in being married. So that seems to be the end of that. However, a miscommunication means she is supplied with a packet of ready-mix Brown Baby instead of ready-mix brown gravy, and she may have put a bit much pepper in because Baby [...]

  • Kristen Collins says:

    This book was such a letdown. I was drawn in by the cute title and pictures, but disappointed by the lackluster plot and obscure message. Usually stories come with morals, but every so often they're just silly. This is definitely on the sillier side, but I found myself weirded out more than entertained. Princess Smartypants had an odd dream to have a babyat just seems weird to me in a children's book.

  • Sandie says:

    What a way cute book! It can be read alone or with other book by this author about same character. Princess Smartypants is the coolest princess ever! These books are so fun and they definately give an approving nod to kids being themselves and not pretending to be who they are not. The storyline is very cute and funny and the pictures are great. My daughter(6) and I enjoyed reading these and laughing over them!!

  • Andréa says:

    UPDATE: 5/24/16Now that I've read the first Princess Smartypants book and re-read this one, I've revised my review from 1-star to 2-stars. I'm still not a fan of this book, but it makes more sense after reading Princess Smartypants.

  • Courtney says:

    I did not like this book, although I thought I would given the cute title and illustrations. I was displeased with the plot and the characters. It doesn't seem like the book was organized properly, there was no clear story line, and descriptions were lacking when I felt like I needed them.

  • Patricia says:

    This book didn't keep my daughter's attention for more than a few pages and I didn't enjoy reading it either. Maybe it will get a second chance some day but for now, it's going back to the library where someone may enjoy it more.

  • Autumn Bumgarner says:

    Final Project: This book was different but i think a middle school girl could read this book to get motivated to do whatever it she wants to do. Just because someone says no you cant doesn't mean you should give up you should actually do what the princess does and try and prove that you can do it.

  • Felicia says:

    I choose this book because "smartypants" can be used as an insult in bullying and I was hoping the book would address such a thing. But instead it was this crazy book that I didn't not like at all. I feel this book is not the least bit appropriate for children.

  • Chrystal says:

    This was another favorite from this past library trip. It was full of kingdom fun, dragons, silliness and happy endings.

  • Mary Gardner says:

    I did not like when the bad guy stole the baby. I like when the princess saves the baby though.

  • Alex Putman says:

    I thought it was obnoxious and the little girl is awful. Not a story I would willingly read to my students

  • Partridge Public says:

    Cole, Babette K-1st

  • Emyrose8 says:

    Eh, not a huge fan of how she got her babies. And the prince from the first book didn't like his role in this one (but it did fit with the story)

  • Tapani Aulu says:

    Tämä oli kai "nokkela, moderni satu". En ehkä sitä nokkelaa puolta löytänyt, mutta kuvat oli mukiinmeneviä.

  • Kaethe says:

    she makes a baby and lets the dragons babysit. How many books for children show a girl NOT interested in looking after a baby?

  • Beverly says:

    Comical illustrations and a humorous story

  • Betsy says:

    I could have sworn PS got married in the 1st book. Maybe she was just shacking up We were confused, but still enjoyed this unconventional princess.

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