Heroes Adrift

Heroes Adrift The Empress wants to locate the descendants of her exiled sister No magically bonded Pair is ill suited for the job than long suffering Shield Lee Mallorough and her all too charming Source Shintaro K

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The Empress wants to locate the descendants of her exiled sister No magically bonded Pair is ill suited for the job than long suffering Shield Lee Mallorough and her all too charming Source Shintaro Karish Yet it s a mission they can t refuse.
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  • Jacob Proffitt says:

    I just love when an author hits their stride with a series. This is that book, for me. Not only does the central relationship finally hit an enjoyable plateau, but the characters bond in ways that they really needed to do. Finally.Plus, this story was solid and well-paced throughout and didn't rely on anybody being stupid or dense—not even Lee. The turn-about of being on an island where Taro was merely plain and Lee was the exotic beauty was an additional enticement I hadn't even thought to wa [...]

  • Summer says:

    I didn't quite enjoy this as much as the other two. It began promising and the characters having to travel together sounded interesting. However there were parts that were interesting and parts that just seemed too slow and felt like it dragged the book down. Plus the BIG SCENE with the main characters underwhelmed me. I wanted more. But as a whole it wasn't a total disappointment. I still enjoyed reading it and I want to continue the series. I just want a little more from the next book.

  • Tefanee Temblor says:

    Lee and Taro finally got it on. Finally. And that's all that most fans want (and need) to know.

  • Tink Magoo is bad at reviews says:


  • Felicia says:

    Lee and Taro get sent to a far off land on a task from the Empress. Lots of character development and fun twists from the last book. I just love how maddeningly immature Taro can be and at the same time I'm rooting for these two to get together so badly! A very entertaining romp. If you like Lisa Shearin's books you'll definitely enjoy these.

  • Katyana says:

    I thought this was a really fun read. It was great getting Lee and Taro out of their comfort zone, and it was really great to watch them deal with a role-reversal. Suddenly Lee was the beautiful one, the one everyone was impressed with and everyone wanted to know. Taro was relegated to the role she's usually in. For all of his complaining about being a peacock, he didn't handle being out of the spotlight very well.I really really hope that they both take this with them going forward. I am tired [...]

  • Lauren says:

    Well, this book is a good example of how if we don't explore our own learned biases they'll show up in books without a single questioning review. No, I'm not just talking about Dunleavy.Let's get this out of the way:The story meanders as usual. The resolution of their reason for being on the island falls into their laps, thank goodness because they do nothing for most of the book.Oh, to shippers: (view spoiler)[they finally have sex. Dunleavy is just as ridiculous as I feared and there's little [...]

  • Laura says:

    SPOILERSI was beginning to really enjoy the setting in this series and wasn't quite ready for the change in scenery, however I enjoyed it despite myself. I thought that this set of secondary characters were quite a bit more engaging than those in the previous books, with the exception of Lee's mother who I would like to see more of. I didn't enjoy the setting quite as well as High Scape but I found it interesting enough. I enjoyed the fact that fancy pants Taro was considered to be the plain one [...]

  • Lexie says:

    I admit that I always found Lee's inability to believe Taro was genuine as annoying. I mean, it's not any different then most romances I read, but this is fantasy. I don't expect romance conventions to be followed.

  • Robbin says:

    I am becoming addicted to this series I’ve got to see what happens😊👏🏻🧐🤗💚🎉😍👍🤩

  • Zimt says:

    "Heroes Adrift" is the third installment in the Hero series by Moira J. Moore and it is the only one set on the Southern Islands of the south continent. In every other novel the story unfolds on the mainland, the Northern Continent (the empress' main seat of government).After almost two years of being a Pair, Lee and Taro get an secret assignment by the empress to find her lost relatives (lateral descendants) on one of the Southern Islands, called Flatwell. Lee is quite appalled, Taro is quite h [...]

  • a book reader says:

    May contain spoilers2nd read : changed the rating to 1.5 star ; I've been reading the series again and the first two, while not as excellent as I had remembered, was still very charming. I found Lee, an unusual heroine to be found in this genre - calm, reserved, collected - to be refreshing, although all her Shield attributes were only brought to my mind by the author's numerous reminders. Lee is not exactly a likable character - sometimes she sounds like a mechanical sociopath as she had in a s [...]

  • Andree says:

    So, I powered through this. 2.5 stars. I almost rounded up to three because I like some of what it did in theory, but sometimes I get sick of liking novels in theory. I just want to enjoy reading them.I didn't really enjoy reading this.It didn't realy work for me right from the start, though I'd have trouble explaining why. Maybe it's because I have little time for The Emperess and her machinations.Maybe it's because one of the things I really enjoy about this series is the world and magic syste [...]

  • Jo Oehrlein says:

    First of all, the cover doesn't match the book at all.It was pretty intelligent for the Empress to take the one person who had proved to the world that he didn't care about power and money and send him on a quest like this.That makes it seem more weird to think that the intelligent Empress wouldn't know that Flatlanders didn't abide by her rules. Surely she would have noticed the lack of tax money? That she wasn't sending or appointing administrators there? The fact that Pairs get everything for [...]

  • JG says:

    That is 3.5 stars to the storyline, not the writting style. Hey, i am entitled to my own opinion and i dont like the story line here so well, that is 3.5 stars to you.Here the roles are reversed to a whole degree. The heroine gets all the attention and Taro fades in the background. A whole degree because, though i know the heroine isn't a stunning beauty, she is pretty and beautiful even, difinitely NOT plain.Here, after accepting a mission to go south, culture differences collides and everythin [...]

  • Angie says:

    Well, the cover art has shifted finally. Though it's more of a lateral than an upward move. *sigh* Could they not have come up with something actually pertaining to the book? Say, perhaps, Lee bench dancing?? Now, that would be a good cover. In any event, cover art aside, I am three books into this great series now and feeling positively antsy for book four to come out.In Heroes Adrift,Moira J. Moore takes Lee and Taro out of their respective comfort zones and into a culture and environment whol [...]

  • Bird says:

    I had a good laugh when, reading through the reviews, I saw two different people complain about the "content" (aka sex) in this book. As a frequent reader of historical and paranormal romance, the one three-paragraph make out session in this book is as far from "content" as I can imagine. Note also, that the make out scene doesn't even lead to sex. (The sex happens off screen a few pages later.) I actually wish there had been some sexI like romantic relationships to be explicitly consummated. *w [...]

  • Cait says:

    I liked this book a lot more than the second one in the series -- things are moving in this world now, and it's clear that there's a lot being set up for future books (although not in a heavy-handed "my goodness, I think I'm going to set this dagger on the mantelpiece now!" way, mostly). Also, there was new plot without having to give the protagonists new superpowers to deal with it, which is always a welcome sign in an ongoing series. All in all, a book fun enough to prompt me to immediately pi [...]

  • Michelle says:

    In book 3 of the Hero series, Lee is thoroughly enjoying her much needed downtime when Taro receives an untimely summons from the Empress herself. Taro it seems has caught the Empress’ attention with his rejection of title and wealth and now she wants him to find an illegitimate member of the royal family who was last known to be in the Southern Islands – all very quietly of course. Finding the royal heir proves a little more difficult than originally planned since in the south there are new [...]

  • This Is Not The Michael You're Looking For says:

    Third in the series, this book was a mixed bag. I really liked the setup, where the characters were put in a situation well outside their comfort zone and forced to deal with life issues they were not prepared for. On the other hand, I think the end was rather disappointing it made sense and didn't particularly leave any major threads hanging, but it was rather anticlimactic and just sort of sputtered to an end.One thing that I've come to realize is that whoever is marketing these books is doing [...]

  • Kim says:

    This one was a little disappointing---still entertaining, but a bit shaggy with loose ends that I can only hope will find resolution in the next book. I was also surprised to discover that the long-awaited consummation of Lee and Taro's relationship brought with it an abrupt cessation of all the fun almost-romantic moments between them. I'm sure that becoming lovers would change their dynamic, but did it have to eliminate the sense of tenderness and consideration that had come to characterize th [...]

  • Alice says:

    I'm unable to share what I like about this one without spoiling a huge plot point, so I'll have to let this suffice: this one's my favorite (so far). Taking Lee and Taro out of their element really gives them a chance to grow and learn, and we get a lot more perspective that shows how off Lee's observations usually are.I love this series.

  • Jenny says:

    This is the third book in the series and it seems that the author's writing style has changed. This book didn't flow as well with the others. If I hadn't read the others I would have liked this book better than I did. But she really changed my characters and I am not sure I still like them.

  • Emily says:

    If I hear Lee talk about "what's going to happen when we get back to High Scape" once more I will truly smack her. Also did they seem a bit.nsitive to the folks of Flatwell? They didn't even TRY to make it work for a while

  • Liz says:

    All I can say is FINALLY.

  • Denise says:

    Just when things are calm in High Scape for once, long-suffering Shield Lee Mallorough and her frequently insufferable partner Source Shintaro Karish are called away from the city that has become their home. The Empress wants them to travel to a Southern island in order to track down any possible descendants of her sister, who was hidden away there as an infant. Of course, no matter how ill-suited our two heroes may be to such a mission, one doesn't refuse the Empress, so all too soon the Pair f [...]

  • Ruth says:

    Ok I loved the progression of this book. The partnership and relationship between Lee and Taro has really developed between book 1 and book 3. I will say that having the setting changed was a little weird. At first I did not like the change, but I got used to it in the end. It was probably my least favorite so far because I really like the channeling and the power/magical aspects of the books and there wasn't much of that in this book. I have to say that watching the roles change between Taro an [...]

  • Kron says:

    Gosh, I love these two. Dunleavy has grown on me considerably. She's probably as close to me in personality as I can get. Both Lee and Taro grew in a completely different environment and I was LIVING for it. While not much seemed to happen plot-wise, there was so much character development and world building in this new island setting that I couldn't put the book down. Onto the next!

  • Raquel says:

    I enjoyed that the characters were thrown into a completely different environment. The changes it brought about in them was really refreshing. I look forward to learning how they go forward after this experience. Good book!

  • Shelita says:

    This series has no central anything. There seems to be no actual world development - "we just discovered something interesting, let's not investigate and see what is actually going on." That seems to be the general idea our main characters take on.

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