Dead or Alive

Dead or Alive Fans of Cormac MaCarthy s No Country for Old Men and Tony Hillerman s Navajo County mysteries will find Michael McGarrity s Dead or Alive a powerful story of the manhunt for a deranged killer in the A

Fans of Cormac MaCarthy s No Country for Old Men and Tony Hillerman s Navajo County mysteries will find Michael McGarrity s Dead or Alive a powerful story of the manhunt for a deranged killer in the American Southwest Living in London while his wife serves as a military attach at the American Embassy, recently retired Santa Fe Police Chief Kevin Kerney gets an early mornFans of Cormac MaCarthy s No Country for Old Men and Tony Hillerman s Navajo County mysteries will find Michael McGarrity s Dead or Alive a powerful story of the manhunt for a deranged killer in the American Southwest Living in London while his wife serves as a military attach at the American Embassy, recently retired Santa Fe Police Chief Kevin Kerney gets an early morning phone call that changes everything and sends him hurrying home to his New Mexico ranch Riley Burke, his partner in a horsetraining enterprise, has been mowed down on Kerney s doorstep by an escaped prisoner cutting a murderous swath through New Mexico As the killings mount, Kerney teams up with his half Apache son, Lieutenant Clayton Istee of the Lincoln County Sheriff s Department, to hunt for a psychotic murderer with a growing appetite for blood, who has no intention to be taken alive.
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  • Philip Reiter says:

    For me, who is an aficionado of finely created violence McGarrity is way over the top to the point of turning me off. I have not read him for some time. I enjoyed 'Tularoosa' and several of the early books in the series, but am not sure what the purpose of this volume was. It certainly is not intellectually stimulating or socially uplifting. The story is not worth discussing here. Read if you wish.

  • Kevin says:

    Great series, great writing and always interesting.This one was a real page turner and zipped through it.

  • Alexandra Gutierrez says:

    I probably would not have read this book but it was a gift. I enjoyed mostly the beginning with all the murders and how he escaped jail time. Overall a good book. Keeps you interested!

  • Crystal Karre says:

    Well i am sad that there are no more to this series Great read as always.

  • Neil Henning says:

    A quick read It could have used more character development.

  • Doug Clark says:

    Dead or Alive by Michael McGarrity is the 12th novel in his series about New Mexican law officer, Kevin Kearney. I was first told of these novels by a friend who knew I liked the Navajo mysteries of Tony Hillerman. I stared reading the series in the late 1990s. The first of the series, Tularosa, was published in 1996, and I liked it quite a bit, so I’ve been along for the ride. Dead or Alive was published originally in late 2008 and I just now read it. First, the bad news is that Kevin Kerney [...]

  • Michael says:

    Readers who enjoyed Gunsmoke or Bonanza in the early days of TV will enjoy this plot driven novel. "Dead or Alive" is an exciting adventure of the west with a modern setting. Craig Larson is one of the truly villanous characters in recent times. His killing spree is reminiscent of the legendary villain Blue Duck from the wonderful "Lonesome Dove." At one point in the story when Larson decides that he wants to kill cops, he reminded me of Blue Duck who came upon Gus McCrae at a stream, while McCr [...]

  • Ed says:

    This, the 12th novel in the Kevin Kearney series, while not the best, is a riveting story of a serial killer gone crazy and the efforts to bring him to justice. Kerney returns to New Mexico from London where he and his wife Army Major Patricia and their son Patrick are living as the major finishes up her military career as a liaison to the British in the U.S embassy. He returns because a psychopath, Craig Larson, is mistakenly sent to a minimum security prison. On the way there, Larson escapes a [...]

  • William Smith says:

    I just finished reading Dead or Alive in paperback by Michael McGarrity, the 12th in The Kevin Kerney Novel series. I've read them all, over the years. As Tony Hillerman, since deceased, is quoted on the back cover, "How good it is to follow a detective created by a man who has been there and done that." Over the years, Kerney, the lead character has held numerous New Mexico law enforcement positions, which has made the series especially interesting. He is now in semi-retirement (my description) [...]

  • Ann says:

    I have very mixed feelings about this one. I know Dan liked it enough to say that McGarrity may have rebounded a bit after a slow decline, but I couldn't stand reading the segments from the pov of the bad guy. (he was extremely bad) I am not, as a rule, averse to reading about violent acts, but this guy made me sick. I did enjoy reading of Kearney and Clayton's hunt and interactions. Keeping up with those characters was the only thing that kept me reading, actually skimming, towards the end. spo [...]

  • Gloria Bernal says:

    This is the last to date (2009) in the series on Kevin Kerney, retired police chief of Santa Fe, New Mexico. He is in London with his wife Sarah, an Army Officer stationed there, when the murder of his partner at his ranch in New Mexico draws Kerney back home to see to things, and he predictably gets involved in the hunt for the murderer, along with his half-native son Officer Clayton Istee. This could have been so much more a chance for more character development between father/son Kerney and C [...]

  • Ryan Mishap says:

    Long time mystery writers seem to trend towards writing thrillers as their series continue. This is the worst thing a mystery writer can do. Knowing the bad guy right away takes the "whodunit" fun out of the genre--most mystery/crime books aren't trying to say anything important or be great literature so the most important aspect is the mystery. Take that away and all you have is an adventure or suspense book. This one has little suspense. A convicted embezzler escapes and then goes on a killing [...]

  • Ed says:

    #12 in the Kevin Kerney series. Kerney has retired as police chief in Santa Fe, NM and is living in London with his Army officer wife. I assume that this is the end of the series. After this 2009 series entry, Author McGarrity has turned his sights on the American West Trilogy of which the second volume was published in 2014.Kevin Kerney is living in London while Sara is the Army military attache. He returns to New Mexico when Riley Burke, his partner in a horse breeding venture, is gunned down [...]

  • Sherron L Pace says:

    Dead or AliveI took sometime and was able to read this book straight through. It's exciting and spellbinding I really couldn't put it Down. Clayton on his way to a seminar for two days and then vacation with his family. They are pulling into Grandpa Kerneys' drive, they hear coyote yipping as though they have caught their dinner to see the dinner is a body. Kerney and Clayton work together to apprehend the man who is murdering people. The situations they get in are exciting and suspension is the [...]

  • Tom Gorski says:

    While the subject matter was rather gruesome throughout the story (psychopath serial killer)the book as a whole was simply another fine Michael McGarrity novel. I enjoyed the process of Kerney and his son Clayton coming to know and respect one another. This was a 2009 publication and currently marks the end of the series even though the book itself closes with connections for a further novel. After this book McGarrity embarked on a trilogy covering the history of the Kerney family and the first [...]

  • Steve says:

    I've been reading this series from (almost) the beginning, so I can't trust myself to be objective about it; these characters are almost like friends by now. But I can tell you that the author never resorts to stale storylines, and his police methodology is flawless (he has a respectable law enforcement background). Kevin Kerney is a fascinating (if cantankerous) main character, and the author's descriptions of the New Mexico wilderness areas will make you feel as if you are there. There's somet [...]

  • Pamela Pickering says:

    McGarrity's Kevin Kerney series is a nice "go to" for an easy, quick read. Mystery/detective novels aren't my preferred genre but occasionally I need what they have to offer. I've enjoyed several in the Kevin Kerney series--have experienced most of them on audio--and this is my first actual "read". I think this series appeals to me because it is in my home state. It's so nice to have a detective series set somewhere other than LA or NYC so more of the nation can identify with it. "Dead or Alive" [...]

  • Marsha says:

    Didn't realize this was part of a series until i started reading this book which is number 12 the series which probably diminshed my appreciation of the story.A violent killer is released to a minimum security prison due to a case of mistaken identity. While in transit he dupes the guard into pulling over and uncuffing him which leads to the guard's death and the killers escape. Instead of slipping into oblivion the killer goes on an increasingly violent murder spree bringing Kevin Kerney and hi [...]

  • Mary Sue says:

    A change of pace for a Kevin Kerney novel. We know the murderer right away. He is a serial killer, who enjoys the thrill of the kill and it doesn't matter who it is. Kerney flys back to New Mexico from London to deal with the murder of his ranch foreman. As the murders pile up Kerney's Apache son also gets involved as sheriff's deputy in Lincoln County. Very little of Kerney's wife in this book and I say Yipee! I think he deserves much better.

  • Vannessa Anderson says:

    Retired Police Chief Kevin Kerney and his son Lieutenant Clayton Istee have their hands full trying to track a psychotic murderer. This one is personal for Kerney and Istee. The killer killed Kerney’s friend and business partner and Istee’s friend and police partner. The father and son police team track the killer from state to state and through mountain terrain. Michael McGarrity takes us on an edge of your seat chase.

  • Barb in Maryland says:

    Not one of McGarrity's best. The plot is a manhunt story. You know from the beginning who the bad guy is. McGarrity spends a lot of ink showing us just how bad a baddie he is--rather too much ink, I thought. And the baddie is not very clever--the police are always nipping at his heels. The excitement doesn't really kick in until the baddie and the cops are stalking each other through the wilderness.

  • Linda says:

    Retired sheriff Kevin Kearney has returned to New Mexico to help in the search for a madman who kills just for the thrill of it. He made the mistake of killing a friend and business partner of Kearney's. Helping in the search for this escaped con is Kevin's adult son, Clayton Istee. The two men don't know each other well but time spent together on this search will remedy that.A good story with a lot going on. I am enjoying watching Kevin and Clayton growing closer.

  • Viann Beadle says:

    This is the most suspenseful and bloodiest book in the Kevin Kerney series. But, if you haven't read the earlier ones, hold off because they really need to be read in order. I love the fact that McGarrity has set each book in a different part of New Mexico because it is a very diverse state. Now that McGarrity has turned to historical fiction I don't know whether he will return to Kerney series but I hope he does. Maybe something set in Little Texas?

  • Edna Little Fish In Running Waters Spring says:

    Another fantastic mystery I couldn't lay down by Michael Mc Garrity.I think they are so interesting is because he was a was a Deputy Sheriff, taught at the New Mexico Law Enforcement Academy and was an Investigator in the New Mexico Public Defender's Office.There were at least three stories running through the book, One re: Craig Larson, One his Twin Kerry and the other was the chief investigators.

  • Fredrick Danysh says:

    While being transported to a new prison, Craig Larson escapes and starts a killing spree. When Police Chief Paul Hewett is ambushed and crippled and former chief Kevin Kerney partner is murdered, Kerney and his Apache son join the hunt. Political infighting takes place among the varipus agengies involved in the hunt.

  • Vickie T says:

    A killer escapes from prison and goes on a killing spree in New Mexico, which brings Kearny home from London to investigate with his son Clayton Istee. I really didn't care for this one as much as the other Kearny books. The story is partially told from the killers point of view which I did not enjoy.

  • Mark Edlund says:

    Mystery seriesNot as good as his previous books with the Kerney character. Dialogue with the villain bordered on elementary school. And for a retired cop, Kerney is still quite involved.Canadian reference - Bad guy heads for Canadian borderPharmacy reference - Bad guy goes into pharmacy for some supplies; Kerney gets a prescription filled at the hospital pharmacy.

  • Terri says:

    I usually enjoy Michael McGarrity's books, and was glad to see a new one out. However, it seems like the murders in this book went beyond what was needed for a good story. I get that the villian was really a very, very bad man, but---it's like the different murders are just put in to extend the bookhope his next one is back on track with the rest of the series.

  • K says:

    Although I typically thoroughly enjoy this series, I must say I was disappointed with this book. Too much senseless killing by the bad guy. The author was undoubtedly trying to establish Larson as a psychopath and narcissist, but I thought it was clumsily done and gratuitous. Hopefully this was a one-off poor effort and not a trend in the series.

  • Franny says:

    McGarrity's Kevin Kearney and Clayton Istee make a good team, once again, as they chase an escaped convict on a killing spree all over New Mexico. The plot is a little overwrought and Clayton's tracking skills somewhat overdone in this latest of the series. Also, you'll need a scorecard to keep track of the murders - I lost count a couple of times.

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