Lookin' For Luv

Lookin For Luv Kevin Maurice Tyrone and Antoine have it all except the one thing that matters most the love of a good woman When they call BLACK LUV they discover that when you play the game of love you hav

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Kevin, Maurice, Tyrone and Antoine have it all, except the one thing that matters most the love of a good woman When they call 1 900 BLACK LUV they discover that when you play the game of love you have to be ready for anything.
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    Carl Weber
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  • Kierra J. says:

    The book begins a little slow, but once you get started and have all of the characters in order, it's pretty good. I re-read this book for the second time and an understand better since I'm a little older. I can see this book as one of those movies like "The Wood", "Baby Boy" or even "Why Did I Get Married". The story has so many surprises in it; once you think you have it all figured out, something else happens! I would recommend this to someone who just wants something not too serious (I even [...]

  • Tamara says:

    Great read!

  • Shanae says:

    Giving this 4 stars when it really deserves like 3.5. It's an okay read, full of details and kinda slow at some points. It was a good audiobook, but in physical form, I probably wouldn't have finished it.

  • Nardsbaby Reader says:

    Looking for a real bookNOT AGAIN! Okay yes it was semi funny!!! But it was so soft and so predictable it was like an episode of The Jerry Springer show.

  • Black Carrie says:

    Lol so glad I read this book , I been meaning to read more of Carl Weber books. Imo , it's always interesting to read books from the men point of view. The characters seem believable too like men you could easily come across. I liked Tyrone the most he REALLY GREW THE MOST out of the rest of the boys. Antonie just made me mad , the way he treated Keisha was dead wrong she should've bossed up on his ass. I don't think he really loved Keisha he was just with her because his heart was broken by a d [...]

  • Carol Hornsby-mccoy says:

    For those of you who don't feel that justice can and will be served, please read this book. You can only do wrong for so long before all so call good things comes to an end. But when it does, be ready. God may have had mercy of Marcie in some ways but in others. 😂😂😂 Do unto others as you would have them do unto you. This book turned strangers into friends for life. True bond of friendship that last a lifetime. Great!!!Looking for LUV and finding true love. ❤️

  • Tonie Green says:

    I loved this book. With all its twists and turns and unexpected surprises.

  • Jenny Tyler says:

    I have just started reading 'Lookin for Luv' by Carl Weber. This is the story of 3 male best friends Kevin, Tyrone, and Antoine as well as their boss Maurice. Kevin has recently moved from Virginia to New York where he is a gym teacher, Antoine is an english teacher and Tyrone is a security guard. They all are great friends who come across a hotline 1-900-Black-Luv. Each of them are searching for something different when they call the hotline. Kevin is searching for real love, Antoine is searchi [...]

  • Tally says:

    Before Reading: Aww yea it's Carl Weber I'm bout to tear this book up!While Reading: I couldn't put the book down. I was so addicted!After Reading: I absolutely love Carl's writing. He keeps you interested in the story throughout the book with just enough plot twists to get you hooked and not confused. I wish other writers did that with their books instead of rambling on about unnecessary scenes. Kevin: Like Antoine said, You forget that Kevin is really 23 by how mature he is. I wish most 23 y.o [...]

  • Tamara Evans says:

    I was somewhat shocked when I found that this book was supposed to be for juveniles.After reading this book,I find it extremely hard to believe that this book was meant to be read by a younger audience.While I found it in the Adult Fiction section of the library I felt it was the correct place to be. Not only did it contain references about drug use, but also, it also had several sexual relationships in it. The reason why I liked this book is because to how real it is.By this I mean that the cha [...]

  • Vacirca Vaughn says:

    I really enjoyed this older work by Mr. Weber. Three friends--Tyrone, Antoine, and Kevin--are all searching for a good woman. They end up calling one of those dating chat lines that were so popular in the nineties. As a result, they end up on a series of adventures (and mishaps) during their quest to hook up with the perfect woman. I enjoyed the humorous dialogue. It was true to the NYC culture back then. I appreciated how the characters were all professional black men, but down-to-earth. The fe [...]

  • Stephanie says:

    If you have read any of Weber's other novels, than you will notice how far his writing skills have come. It is quite evident that this was one of his first projects, and although this was a very interesting novel, it definitely wasn't one of his greatest.As I may have mentioned before in one of my earlier reviews, Carl Weber is one of my favorite African American male authors. I don't think that there are many writers in that genre that can perfect such realistic situations and intrinsic charact [...]

  • Iona Sawyer says:

    Cracking up laughing from the first minute I opened it up. Read most of it before I went to sleep and had to finish it at work on audible. Had do many of my co-workers wanting me to play it from the beginning.

  • Wanda says:

    Loved it like I knew I would! Every time I read a Carl Weber book, I know what to expect from it and I know the crazy will not disappoint. I hadn't read this one even though it was his first novel and I've been a fan for a while. He has really grown a lot with his writing comparing this to his current stuff. For this book specifically, some surprises were predictable, some definitely were not. The situation with Denise was lazily wrapped up, but overall loved the ending. What ends up happening w [...]

  • Angela says:

    Carl Weber is Carl Weberyou hear his name and know that you have a good book in your hands. No matter what he writes about, keeps you interested from the first page to the end. And, even at the end you are still wanted more pages to read.

  • Heather says:

    For the most part, it was a good story if you can get past the author's serious lack of sensitivity toward transsexuals and his disdain for interracial relationships. I, for one, am incensed by his attitude. This was my first and will be my last book by this author.

  • Carl Weber says:

    Follow me on Twitter. twitter/CarlWeber_UBConnect with me on Facebook. facebook/pages/Carl-WeCheck out all my interviews and trailers on. youtube/UrbanBooks

  • Aisha Isis says:

    the book started off real slow and i was tempted to stop reading. however, as soon as I reached the middle, it caught my interest so much that I couldn't put the book down and I'm supposed to be studying for my midterm tomorrow. I recommend it

  • Ann says:

    This was a smooth flowing, sometimes suspenseful, and sometimes humorous story about finding the right one and about getting what you deserve. I love the way love finds even those who don't think they want it. My first book by this writer. Not disappointed.

  • Sylvia says:

    Carl Weber did it again the characters are so genuine! The relationships are so easily relate-able. He is a very clever writer. The best thing about his stories so far are that they evoke emotion from me. Some anger, frustration, but mostly laughter. That is a sign of a great writer to me.

  • Jesca says:

    I was so surprised finding an interest for this book which main character is guys Reading this book somewhat make me think that there are still guys out there who find ways to get their woman back, and guys who will actually change for their love one.

  • Paige says:

    This is an oldie but goodie that I have read multiple times. It centers around 4 men who work at the same high school and are (as the name states) looking for love. The story that follows includes plenty of drama but comedy too. Without a doubt this book is an easy read that you'll enjoy.

  • Vicci Divine says:

    Good solid book by Carl Weber but the back of it certain hyped up the drama to the point of me expecting more adventures. Was surprised that the one who "played" the most was the emotionally unavailable one. Nice quick read!

  • Kat Dornelly says:

    This book was hilarious, filled with unexpected twists. With this being my first Carl Weber book, I must admit I thoroughly enjoyed it.

  • Kadea says:

    Not bad. So much drama it became outlandish, but it kept me entertained from start to finish. Not the greatest book, but not so bad that I couldn't finish.

  • Monique says:

    Yet another good book. I liked Tyrone, he was so funny. He had a bad attitude, but in the end he changed and got to live his dream as a painter. Good read.

  • Beverly Harris says:

    Loved it.funny. entertaining typical Carl Weber style.

  • Shannan Harper says:

    A very entertaining story about 4 friends, Kevin, Antoine, Tyrone and Maurice navigating life and dating.

  • Torri Carter says:

    Karma! Smh!!!

  • Corinne says:

    I have this book, but read some time ago, but I am a fan of all of carl weber books, all of them are good.

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