Lightning Lingers

Lightning Lingers From NY Times Bestselling Author Barbara Freethy comes the second book in a new romantic suspense trilogy Lightning Strikes In these connected novels lightning leads to love danger and the unrave

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From 1 NY Times Bestselling Author Barbara Freethy comes the second book in a new romantic suspense trilogy Lightning Strikes In these connected novels, lightning leads to love, danger, and the unraveling of long buried secrets that will change not only the past but also the futureKatherine Barrett, a dedicated young doctor, receives a terrified phone call from her younFrom 1 NY Times Bestselling Author Barbara Freethy comes the second book in a new romantic suspense trilogy Lightning Strikes In these connected novels, lightning leads to love, danger, and the unraveling of long buried secrets that will change not only the past but also the futureKatherine Barrett, a dedicated young doctor, receives a terrified phone call from her younger brother, TJ He is running away to Mexico to save himself and their family from an unnamed killer He warns her not to come after him and not to go to the police, as there is no one she can trust But Katherine realizes there might be someone she can trustShe turns to her former high school sweetheart Jake Monroe the man whose heart she broke a decade earlier Katherine asks Jake to fly her into a remote and dangerous part of Mexico where no one else dares to go.Jake had always thought that one day Katherine would realize she needed him, but he didn t expect it to go down this way Still, he can t resist the beautiful brunette he has never been able to forget.They set off on an adventure that will take them into the past, unravel a decade of secrets, and lead them into the heart of a lightning storm that will change the way they look at their families, the world, and each otherAlso Available in the Lightning Strikes Trilogy Beautiful Storm 1 Lightning Lingers 2 Summer Rain 3 Coming Soon
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  • Pamela(AllHoney) says:

    The second book the Lightning Strikes series by Barbara Freethy. Katherine Barrett has finished her internship and is headed home, after getting a phone call from her brother, TJ. TJ says he feels he is in danger and is going to hide out in Mexico. Katherine feels guilty that she has been so unavailable while going to med school and then her internship in Houston. She is determined to find TJ and make things right with her family. So she hires a private plane to go to Mexico and the pilot is her [...]

  • Cruth says:

    Author: Barbara FreethyFirst published: 2016Length: 314 pages, 3828 kindle locationsSetting: Contemporary. Corpus Christi, Texas, and regional Mexico.Sex: Hand wavy. Infrequent.Hero: Pilot.Heroine: Medical Doctor.Includes: Excerpt from Book 3 Summer Rain by Barbara FreethyThat was fun!A good bit of suspense and mystery, a nice second chance romance, and a continuation of a multi-book story arc.I thoroughly enjoyed it.Lightning Strikes:Book 1 Beautiful Storm - Alicia Monroe and Michael CorderoBoo [...]

  • Stephanie says:

    I have been waiting for this book!! I love that she gave us Jake's story. I was curious to who he was since we met him in Beautiful Storm. Barbara again caught my attention starting with the first chapter. Making me wonder what kind of trouble T.J was in, does Jake fall in love with Kaitlyn all over again? I of course had to read the book to find out!Again Barbara takes you on a journey. And it of course involves lightning!

  • Tracy Hershey says:

    Book 2 of the series was even better than the first, I was really rooting for the couple in this story.They really seem to belong together and the grandmother in the story you just can picture her and would love to meet her. Again it kept you guessing till the end, Book 3 should close out this story of these 3 siblings. I am really enjoying this series

  • Becky Claxon says:

    This is the second book in this trilogy, but can be read alone. It is such a good book that I didn't want to put it down. This book has suspense, betrayal, mystery, adventure, and love to name a few. It is Halloween night and Katherine Barrett's last night as a resident and the beginning of her career as a doctor. It has been along and lonely road for her, but it was a choice she made. Jake Monroe was her high school love, but broke up with him as she felt he was going to wild. His father had di [...]

  • Becky says:

    The second book in the series is full of excitement, romance, forgiveness, magic, ancient beliefs, suspense and new beginnings. Katherine Barrett has just become a doctor when on the same night she should be celebrating she gets a call from her brother TJ who is deep trouble and is going into hiding and she is not to tell a soul. Katherine needs to try and find him and help him and has to get the help from her old lover Jake Monroe. They have a past of passion, anger and hate for each other. Jak [...]

  • Debbi says:

    This is the second book in the Lightning Strikes trilogy. Wow! The story just gets better and better. I really enjoyed the continuation of the story, this time involving Katherine Barrett and Alicia's brother Jake Monroe. They have to find Katerine's brother and that takes them to Mexico. The suspense had me not wanting to put the book down. And to see how lightning helps them out. I also thoroughly enjoyed the romance between Kat and Jake. A lot of past history that the had to get through. Now [...]

  • Charlsie says:

    The second in the Lighting Series and it didn't disappoint. Action, mystery, romance and some answers to the first book. I hope the third and final book is just as great. I am so glad that I starting reading books by Barbara Freethy. If it hadn't been for a free copy of book 1 of the Calloway series that I received while attending the RAGT conference last summer I probably would not have started reading her work. I read to be entertained and I guess we all in get a rut and read the same writers [...]

  • Ann says:

    Research I would have liked this better if there were less inaccuracies. Ie simple research would tell you that most if not all residencies end in June. Pediatric residents rotate throughout all aspects of the hospital and not the Ed. A pediatrician resident would not have the experience in surgery to remove a bullet, etc. these were a few inaccuracies that were glaring.

  • Valerie Downs says:

    A quick readI enjoyed this fluffy little romance. It was predictable and tho the plot was fair and the mystery wasn't as suspenseful as the reviews indicated it did keep my interest. This is really just a contemporary romance.

  • Karen says:

    Lightning LingersI highly recommend this book by Barbara Freethy.This is the second book in the Lightning Strikes series. The excitement builds the more you read. I am looking forward to reading the third and last book in this series so the mystery will finally be solved.

  • Pam says:

    Couldn't put it down . Glad to see Jake and Kat make up their differences and start a life together. buying the next one today have to see how Dani handles what comes next.

  • Diane Smith says:

    UnbelievableI liked it a lot,couldn't but it down. The story line was very believable. I will recommend this book to my friends

  • Frieda says:

    The complexity of the characters and the mystery I love. The romance part I usually can live without but it wasn't so bad.

  • Pamela Gibson says:

    The second book in the Lightning Strikes series is one of her best. It has great characters, a good plot, and a bit of mysticism. Loved it.

  • Nicole says:

    I liked it even more than I did the first book in the series. Suspense, adventure, romance, and mystery all wrapped up in one delicious tale!

  • Raelene Cowley says:

    Great seriesLove, love this story about finally growing up and forgiving. Sacrifice and doing anything it takes to save the ones you love!~Raelene~

  • Karen Sheldon says:

    Story was a a bit sappy and predictable but it was still an okay read

  • Debbie Devaney says:

    Love this series. Looking forward to the final book.

  • Mum says:

    Escapism: yes. Believable: no. The only realistic part was the fight about what happened ten years ago. I will finish the series.

  • Marion Abbott says:

    Lovely romance, intriguing continuation of the story from #1, exciting action.A wonderful, light read.

  • Nancy Chastain says:

    Not disappointedI completed Lightning Stikes Book2 in one sitting. I was so invested in the characters I couldn't stop reading. Highly recommend

  • Nancy Skillin says:

    4.5 stars

  • Portia says:

    I am so enjoying this series that I'm planning on reading the 3rd and final book right away! I think I actually liked this 2nd book even more than the first. The characters are interesting as is the intertwining stories with mystery and a hint of romance thrown in.

  • Jan Locke says:

    Suspense from beginning to endAs I read the first pages I knew I'd picked a book I wouldn't be able to put down. The incredible characters come to life and provide the emotions, love, flaws and courage to make this adventure memorable. I would definitely begin with Beautiful Storm and now I'm looking forward to Summer Rain.

  • Pam says:

    Lightning Lingers: Lightning Strikes Book 2 is by Barbara Freethy. It too deals with Mayan beliefs in lightning. It is a thriller and a romance bound together by family love. It is a fantastic book and I simply could not put it down. Katherine Barrett is finally finished with her residency and is a full-fledged doctor. However, she is having problems feeling elated. It could be because she is exhausted after her final night shift; but it seems to be more than that. Before she can figure it out, [...]

  • Pam says:

    I received an ARC of this book in exchange for an honest review. Lightening Lingers is book 2 of the Lightening Strikes trilogy. This could be read as a stand alone but you would miss a little of the backstory by not reading Beautiful Storm. This is a storyline featuring the Monroe siblings. Their father was a pilot that vanished one night after his flight was caught in an electric storm. This has left its mark on each child in different ways. In Beautiful Storm we meet Alicia Monroe who is enth [...]

  • Carol Stalnaker says:

    Another engrossing romantic suspense novel from Ms. Freethy! Katherine has just finished her training as pediatric emergency physician when her brother TJ calls her to ask her to take care of their mother because he has to disappear due to his employer's involvement in something sinister. Katherine hires her former high school boyfriend, Jake, to fly her to Mexico to help her locate her brother. Although reluctant, Jake agrees to fly her to Mexico so she can locate and help her brother. On their [...]

  • Diane Saul says:

    This book is the 2nd in the Lightning Strikes series, following Beautiful Storm. It is just as good as the first. Katherine Barrett is just finishing her residency when she receives a cryptic phone call from her brother TJ. He is hiding out in Mexico to protect the family. He tells Katherine to take care of their Mother and not to trust anyone, and not to tell anyone where he is. In particular don't speak to anyone from the company he works for. Katherine decides to find TJ but knows she can't g [...]

  • Lisa says:

    I received an ARC in exchange for an honest review. Without reservation, I can safely say that it was amazing! The story of the Monroe family continues here, with the return of Jake's high school girlfriend, Katherine. He grudgingly agrees to go to Mexico together with Katherine to try to save her brother who has found himself in the midst of a fatal conspiracy at his workplace. Yes, the same unresolved situation at MDT that Jake's sister Alicia and her fiance Michael dealt with in the previous [...]

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