Dig Dig Digging

Dig Dig Digging Busy machines for busy kids Diggers are good at dig dig digging scooping up the earth and lifting and tipping They make huge holes with their dig dig digging They can work all day Trucks and trac

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Dig Dig Digging by Margaret Mayo Busy machines for busy kids Diggers are good at dig, dig, digging, scooping up the earth and lifting and tipping They make huge holes with their dig, dig, digging They can work all day. Trucks and tractors, fire engines and helicopters they all like to work hard. Read Aloud of Dig Dig Digging YouTube Om Nom Stories SUPER NOMS VS GIANT EVIL SNOWMAN New Episode Cut The Rope Funny Cartoons for Kids HooplaKidz TV Funny Cartoons For Children , dig dig digging emergency, big digger abc, choo choo clickety clack , dig dig digging, roar , snap , zoom, rocket, zoom and stomp, dinosaur, stomp books collection set by Dig Dig Digging book, teaching resources, story, Dig Dig Digging book, teaching resources, story, cards, mat, sequencing, primary resources, play, Early Years EYFS , KS KS Primary Teaching dig dig digging eBay Find great deals on eBay for dig dig digging Shop with confidence. Booktopia Dig Dig Digging by Margaret Mayo Booktopia has Dig Dig Digging by Margaret Mayo Buy a discounted Board Book of Dig Dig Digging online from Australia s leading online bookstore. Dig Dig Digging by Margaret Mayo, Alex Ayliffe Diggers are good at dig, dig, digging, scooping up the earth and lifting and tipping They make huge holes with their dig, dig, digging They can work all day Trucks and tractors, fire engines and helicopters they all like to work hard But after a long, happy day of beep beeping and vroom vrooming, even the busiest engines need to rest. Dig Dig Digging by Margaret Mayo shopholastic Diggers are good at dig, dig, digging,scooping up the earth and lifting and tipping.They make huge holes with their dig, dig, digging.They can work all day Trucks and tractors, fire engines and helicopters they all like to work hard But after a long, happy day of beep beeping and vroom vrooming, even the busiest engines need to rest. Digging definition of digging by The Free Dictionary dig d g v dug d g , digging, digs v To break up, turn over, or remove earth or sand, for example , as with a shovel, spade, or snout, or with claws Dig, Dig, Digging Shelby County Schools Dig, Dig, Digging Welcome Webpage Dedication Write the Room Book Curriculum Skills Letter Formation Poems

Busy machines for busy kids Diggers are good at dig, dig, digging, scooping up the earth and lifting and tipping.They make huge holes with their dig, dig, digging.They can work all day Trucks and tractors, fire engines and helicopters they all like to work hard But after a long, happy day of beep beeping and vroom vrooming, even the busiest engines need to rest This brBusy machines for busy kids Diggers are good at dig, dig, digging, scooping up the earth and lifting and tipping.They make huge holes with their dig, dig, digging.They can work all day Trucks and tractors, fire engines and helicopters they all like to work hard But after a long, happy day of beep beeping and vroom vrooming, even the busiest engines need to rest This bright, bouncy, noise filled book brings together all the vehicles that children adore.
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  • Louise says:

    Fantastic book, especially for those children who are really interested in cars and trucks!Lot's of opportunity for repetition for the children to join in. A really fun and interesting book to read in the early years.

  • Lucy Andrew says:

    Dig Dig Digging is well established, bestselling, touch and feel book. It explores the laborious, everyday life of construction workers. The most distinct aspect that I find particularly effective is the touch and feel feature which occurs in every page as this makes the book inclusive for all needs. Mayo achieves this by making each 'touch and feel' feature correspond to the activity of the construction worker, this way the children can still engage with the main concept of the story despite th [...]

  • Cuong Truong says:

    WIDER READING FOCUS: POSSIBLY SENTARGET: One for those who are hardcore fans of "Bob the Builder" and construction site enthusiasts in key stage 1. It tells the story of what various vehicles do and what you will find on the journey through a construction site. A great pick for those with SEN in the area of visual impairment. The book is made of a shiny, page by page hardcover, so it can take the knocks and sticky fingers of younger children. It stimulates learning through touch as you can feel [...]

  • Brian Strand says:

    This book introduces many different types of equipment, and the different things that they can do. There are dump trucks, tractors, transporter trucks, bull dozers, rescue vehicles, and many others. The great thing about this book is the variety of vehicles, the depth in which they are described, and the repetition of some words over and over again for the kids to hear.1. Have the students write about their favorite vehicle, and tell why they like it.2. Have half the class have a picture of a ve [...]

  • Vicki says:

    This book is awesome, awesome, awesoming (read it to find out why I said this)! A perfect day to use this book, as next to the library right during story time there were a few construction equipment finishing up a project with banging, crashing, and pushing. This would work for the SRP theme "Dig into Reading" also. A cute repetitive phrase "They can work all day". My 25 month old grandson who happens to love any type of truck, construction vehicle etc also enjoyed it very much.

  • Sarah Traynor says:

    My third boy adores this book above all the others. Whatever it is about it all three children insisted on it over and over again at age two. The illustrations and the sounds repeated really draws them in.

  • Janine says:

    I had to read it twice in a row to a 2 year old and a 4 year old and they both got something out of it. Good for the pre-reader with the rhyming and repetition.

  • Barbara says:

    With small, sturdy tabs on various spots of this very small board book, young readers will be able to navigate its contents quickly while listening to another reader read it to them or reading it for themselves. Each page features some vehicle such as a garbage truck or a dump truck and describes what it does. What I loved about the book was the use of vivid words such as "gobble, gobble, gobbling" (unpaged) and "grip, grip, gripping" (unpaged) to describe the actions of the moving machines feat [...]

  • Cindy Mitchell *Kiss the Book* says:

    Mayo, Margaret. Dig Dig Digging, illustrated by Alex Ayliffe. Henry Holt, 2006. $6.99. BOARD BOOK.Author, Margaret Mayo, cleverly uses word repetition to explain the different jobs of trucks, tractors, diggers, and bulldozers. For example, “Tractors are good at pull pull pulling.” The illustrations are colorful and detailed; but what really makes this board book shine is the mini-tabs around the top and the side of the book. Little fingers love to use tabs. And little eyes love bright colors [...]

  • Nicola says:

    Miss 3 and I like to explore different books and authors at the library, sometimes around particular topics or themes. We try to get different ones out every week or so; it's fun for both of us to have the variety and to look at a mix of new & favourite authors.Miss 3 didn't like it. We ended up with two Margaret Mayo picture books out at the same time and she wasn't interested in either of them. The pictures must have attracted her a little when she grabbed them off the shelves but she foun [...]

  • Charlotte says:

    My son absolutely loves this book. It was on the shelves in a holiday cottage in Wales and he read it so much that the owners gifted it to him. The repetitious nature of the book has helped him pick up some new words and as we sign it together he is developing there too. Brilliant!

  • Miss Lou says:

    Great way to introduce the vocabulary words my 8-month son will one day ask. Enough repetition to keep the pages turnin' like the caterpillar wheels.

  • Julie Haigh says:

    Lovely, colourful book. This is a lovely, eye-catching book; my Grandson loves Diggers, Fire Engines etc. and they are all in here. You can double tap areas on the page to enlarge. It's ideal for new readers as there is a lot of repetition of words, some simple three letter ones such as 'dig, dig, digging'. It shows in two-page format, like a traditional open book. This is a nice idea, but, on my 7 inch Kindle Fires, I didn't think it was optimum so I tried on kindle on my computer. That was whe [...]

  • Jennifer Heise says:

    A variety of construction vehicles and trucks are introduced at work in blocky, simplistic illustrations. The text is patterned for each, beginning with [Truck type] are good at dig dig digging / race race racing/ etc. and ending with "They can work all day." On the final page, it is summed up for all the trucks, "They can rest all night." Not a bad bedtime read, with a nice selection of different vehicles and intriguing illustrations-- my son as accepted it as a bedtime read now 3 times. Would [...]

  • Kristen says:

    This worked well in a vehicle themed story time for the preschool set--not sure I'd go younger in story time as it's somewhat long. A toddler who was obsessed with vehicles would probably really like this as a one-on-one read, however. I personally didn't love this one--the illustration style was not my favorite and the text could be slightly odd at times (i.e. "Transporters are good at car transporting" just didn't feel very inspired). I liked the noises that all of the vehicles made--they were [...]

  • Josh Mattocks says:

    Essentially, it is about vehicles and what the purposes of these vehicles are. The book conveys the sound that these vehicles make and what the vehicles do. I really like the element of rhyming in the book. Adult and child can sing-along if they wish which makes it an enjoyable read. It is also informative and educates the child in what different vehicles do. Nonetheless, the illustrations could be more alluring and captivating. It would be good for EYFS pupils'. However, lower ability KS1, EAL [...]

  • Sabrina Henry says:

    This book is about different types of trucks. The author uses repetition and rhymes to keep the readers/listeners engaged. The words are fun and can be used to build on children's vocabulary. There is hardly a storyline but the information presented about trucks can be very interesting to young children. The illustrations are very colorful and attractive, much to the liking of young children. Children can listen to this book and develop their phonemic awareness skills as they listen to words to [...]

  • Ebookwormy1 says:

    We were a bit slow to warm up to this book. But the heavy machinery, action words (diggers are good at dig, dig, digging) and colorful illustrations won us over. Each page features one heavy machinery worker and ends with "They can work all day." I like it that the last page is about "They can rest all night". As fun as the action is, my little guy also needs to learn how to get to "brakes on, engines off". We've had this a couple of months (the longest our library will allow, so I'm adding it t [...]

  • Japonika Finch says:

    Wonderful tool to help students get away from the conventional form of writing. After a teacher reads this book to her students, their students will understand that they can be creative not only with their words but also with the shape of the text. Writers words can convey meaning in multiple ways and the visual conveying of meaning is something that is vital for the success of ELL students and early learners.

  • Lyndsey Hurm says:

    This is a book about different types of trucks. There is really no story line but this is a great book to teach about how words can actually take the shape of their meaning. I would use this book to introduce to students how they can be creative when writing words. There are also a lot of rhyming words to teach students about rhyming. For math, I could use this book to talk about different shapes with young children.

  • Kelly says:

    I found myself a bit stuck. The text almost fits the musical pattern for the verse of Tom Paxton's "Going to the Zoo." The sentence structure is almost identical. I found myself wanting to sing, but the text is imperfect and there is no text for a refrain (perhaps you could invent one), so I felt stuck on repeat. I did like the informational text structure and my students would love the content.

  • Megababy says:

    fun to read, I wouldn't mind reading it over and over. repetition of sounds and phrases is nice, but not so much that it is annoying to read. cute illustrations also. I notice fine petiole mention 'touch and feel' with reference to this book the edition we got from the library doesn't have that, but I would be interested in such a version.

  • Ashley Correll says:

    This book is definitly a book for really young children. It is a cute book, but there really is no story line. It does a lot of repetition which is also good for young students. The illustrations are very pretty. Also, this book also teaches about different sounds, different kinds of vechiles produce. From fire engines,dump trucks, cranes, and bull doesers!

  • Jane says:

    This is a fun book about many different kinds of trucks and what they do. I especially liked that they covered some trucks that you don't usually find in a picture book, like a transporter, garbage trucks, cranes, road rollers, etc. The illustrations are also very fun to look at. Perfect for your young child who loves trucks.

  • Tee Jay says:

    This is a wonderful book for any child who loves construction vehicles. The rhyming pattern makes it easy for the child to join in and it will become one of the first books they begin to read on their own. Our grandbaby began telling his mama that he loved her all day long after we began reading this book.

  • Krupal Morjaria says:

    Dig Dig Digging is a book about trucks which is illustrated in a very colorful way. The story portrays rhyming words that help the students understand and learn more about trucks. I was able to use this book to teach a science lesson about motion which the students found very interesting. Overall the book focuses on trucks and what they do.

  • Courtney says:

    I'm becoming very picky about these construction/big truck books just b/c Bobo want to read them all the time. I enjoy him learning all the names of the trucks and their jobs, but some of the books get a little tedious after so many readings. This one was ok. I like that all the trucks go to sleep at night. It lends itself to a nighttime book that way.

  • Mallory White says:

    This book would be great for talking about different machinery . It can be used for kids in your class that love fire trucks, dump trucks, or garbage trucks etc It also shows rhyming words and working with substitution and deletion of words can be used until 3rd grade. I would have my students pick and object and write about it as a rhyme or they can orally say it .

  • Sheri says:

    The only merit of the text is the repetitive opening and closing lines of each little poem. Other than that, it's not that pleasant to read. The pictures, however, are gloriously detailed, bright, cut-paper illustrations of all the exciting machines with fun additional elements in the scenery. They are the redeeming factor for this book.

  • Whitney Strickland says:

    Love this book and wish that I would have found it while I was interning in a prekindergarten classroom. This would have been great the weeks we were introducing different jobs to the students. The book is simple but fun and I think its a nice start to occupations.

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