The Game of Love 1

The Game of Love Jessica Watkins Presents The Game of Love by K Alex Walker How was it possible that everything about this woman every single damn thing he encountered was so wonderful Professional Quarterback Austi

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Jessica Watkins Presents The Game of Love by K Alex Walker How was it possible that everything about this woman, every single damn thing he encountered, was so wonderful Professional Quarterback Austin Riley has always been smitten with the lovely Sommer Hayes Having known each other their entire lives, the majority of their relationship exchanges were sneers, insults,Jessica Watkins Presents The Game of Love by K Alex Walker How was it possible that everything about this woman, every single damn thing he encountered, was so wonderful Professional Quarterback Austin Riley has always been smitten with the lovely Sommer Hayes Having known each other their entire lives, the majority of their relationship exchanges were sneers, insults, smirks, and jeers Now, ten years have past since he last stepped foot in his hometown He and Sommer run into each other again, only to find out that they both share the same secret their hatred towards each other had merely been a cover up for the true feelings that they d kept hidden However, another hidden secret is also lying in wait, waiting to tear them apart.
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    K. Alex Walker
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    Posted by:K. Alex Walker
    Published :2018-03-05T04:19:13+00:00

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  • Genelle says:

    This was Austin and Sommer's story. The kids who grew up in a small town together and to everyone who didn't look closely appeared to hate each other. From the time that Austin asked Sommer to play with his race tracks with him and she promptly threw the car across the room as toddlers through the time that in elementary school he threw up chocolate milk and pineapple chunks on her new white shirt to everyone who looked on they appeared to be the ultimate enemies. To their mothers who were best [...]

  • Musings of A Romance Junkie says:

    I really love sports-themed romances because I love football, so I was especially excited to read this one. From almost the beginning, the story fell flat for me. I actually liked Austin, but I could not stand Sommer! From the beginning she did nothing but push Austin away every opportunity she got. She has a man she's been pining over since childhood basically, and when he finally gets the nerve to tell her how he feels, she rejects him because of some ignorant ish his boys did unbeknownst to A [...]

  • M.J. Friday says:

    When I 1st saw this book, I was like Yay! my two favorite things, football and romance , it better be good,lol and this book does not disappoint. The story of childhood enemies turned lovers turned soul mates as told by K.Alex Walker was great, written well and was as sweet as southern tea. Austin & Sommer began their "love" affair in their home town of Yearwood, NC, where on the 1st day of elementary school Austin threw up on Sommer and from that moment on it was clear there was something t [...]

  • Deloris says:

    When I started this book I never expected it to be this good! I am totality surprised. This was a fresh take on the unrequited love I/R book .This book was well written and Austin was good man to fall in love with he was all in from the beginning I liked that . He knew who he wanted and he was a little scared but he went after with both guns blaring liked it. I liked the way he handled the obstacles that came about with him and Sommer and how he supported her when she needed him the most . Yes t [...]

  • Charmanie Saquea says:

    Lessons LearnedNot only was this book a beautiful love story but it also held a message that a lot of people could learn from. Honestly, this book was way better than I expected it to be. I would love to see more from this author because five stars wasn't enough for this book.

  • Genevieve Woods says:

    It left me needing nothing but wanting moreis book was a great stand alone with love,sorrow, joy, suspense and so much more. this was my first read by k. Alex walker but I Wil be reading more. th author had well developed characters and flow of the story was seamless. even though I'm not guessing about any of the plot or the couple's destiny I want more of them. Great read thumbs up.

  • --karen Green-berry says:

    This is a beautifully, well written love story. It was a recommendation from a couple of online bookclubs and I can see why so many people loved it.Sommer Hayes and Austin Riley's story just grabbed me from the first page all the way through the end. I just love stories that have an underlying message, and this was told in such a manner that touches on your emotions.This author has done a great job and I look forward to reading more of her work in the future.

  • Rita says:

    This was pretty good. It actually talked about race relations and how it affects people in an interracial relationship. Not sure if the next one will hold my interest, but I will give it a try.

  • Elle1986 says:

    Hamburger this book was amazing! There was not one single part of this book that I didn't like it was a perfect mix of everything that I needed.Sugar, spice and everything messy lol. To say that this touched subjects that people don't want to discuss is an understatement and I loved the way the author handled the situation regarding racism. It was handled with care and understand which made me fall deeper in love with this book even more.Austin was everything literally everything and then some! [...]

  • P. says:

    Foremost my apology to the author for not getting this review up sooner. I honestly thought I posted since I seen my review for book 2. This is one of those books that you re-read when you are looking for a good story. Even though you already know what happens you re-read anyways that's how good this book is.It touched on a few subjects,like boy knowing girl for most of his life but too scared to take that step with her. In this case it had a lot to do with his father being a racist. That adds a [...]

  • Felicia R says:

    Really Good ReadI read some of the reviews and some of them were terrible, so I didn't purchase the book, but when I seen a book two out and this one was free I had to read it, and let me tell you, this book is hands down a five, now don't get me wrong, I hate to go racism, but no matter how much I or anyone hates it, how far from any surface is it reallyis book if it had any errors I didn't run into not one! I thought it was a great read, highly recommend. Love me some Austin

  • Tangela says:

    I Got My WomanThis book was different for me. However, this was a good read. This book is about a young boy who is now a man and still in love with his young crush. The young girl who is now a woman and afraid to love and live. A friend who wants the young lady and will do anything to make sure the other man doesn't get the woman. The plot moves all kinds Nguyen very quick. so yo u have to keep up with the story

  • Zinzi says:

    It's been awhile since I gave a book 5 stars, this book deserves it! This is also the first interracial book that I gave more than 3 stars to. The books was well written. You could feel the emotions on every page! The characters where were brilliant, I fell in love with Austin. The book had substance and meaning. It made you think, think about reality and what the world was and is. This is book was perfect! Loved it!!!I would certainly recommend this book to my friends!

  • Sarah Risien says:

    Black queenI have to say, this was such a good book, it made me cry my father always told his girls and boys we should mix with the other race. i understand where the woman coming from when she said that she was scared. books like this that would change your whole way of thinking ,thank you for writing this book anybody mind that was corrupted.

  • Nancy says:

    Awesome bookI love love these type of books it makes you make up how the characters look in your head .ad there was no crazy running around .is is a great read getting ready to read book 2

  • Isha says:

    I loved it. I loved the issues thst were addressed in this book. I loved Austin and how he loved Sommer and their daughter. Great book.

  • Victoria says:

    I really enjoyed this book. i even feel it's time i look at some of my own inner feelings more closely. its a great read amazon is waiting.

  • Metris says:

    I'm always game for a childhood friendship well in Austin and Sommer case not so friendly turn lovers! First read by K Alex Walker, but not my last! enjoy

  • Shaquaila says:

    I really enjoyed this read, but my god it was one of them emotional roller-coaster ride. I was glad that Austin and Sommer was able to make through the drama they called life.

  • Mmoseley says:

    Austin and Sommer were meant to be. This book is filled with romance and drama. Good book. He also played for my favorite NFL team The Dallas Cowboys!!!!

  • Sandra says:

    Game Winning Story! As a K. Alex Walker fan, I was not disappointed with "The Game of Love." Austin and Sommer were meant to be, but although they had loved each other since childhood, circumstances kept them apart. Excellent read!

  • M Virginia says:

    Truly a great readThis was really a great read, the chemistry, the characters, the history and the sub plot. Great information great teaching moment.

  • Tiffany says:

    I'd love a man like Austin Riley!

  • Benita Cleaves says:

    Drama!This is a really heartwarming love story. Austin and Sommer learn to trust in love again. Life brings plenty of drama and obstacles for the couple. Sommer has to learn to stop running when things get bad. Good read!!

  • нυgѕαи∂¢σσкιєѕ says:

    Oh My goooooodness Austin Riley [image error]lh6.googleusercontent/pro[image error]This story just drew me in with the writing style of this author. It's my first read by this author and let me tell you that it was on point. I didn't realise at first that it's an interracial relationship I mean come on what was I seeing in my mind and reading. But hell, it's one I didn't want to end. It's a story about rekindling crush to love, family, loss and some wtf crazies. Now the downside of this was that [...]

  • Laverne Brewster says:

    Secret crushes concealed in mutual distain.3.00 stars. Secretly, Austin Riley and Sommer Hayes had crushes on each other; but openly, they behaved as arch enemies. Austin grew up to become a famous NFL quarterback with lots of money, good looks and a failed romance. Sommer returns home to help her ailing mother and runs into Austin who is home visiting his family, They go on a date and reveal their secret crushes and become intimately involved and Sommer gets pregnant and they move in together a [...]

  • Carolyn J. says:

    Austin and SommerThis story was different from what I expected. That's a good thing. Austin and Sommer were childhood friend-enemies. Their parents were best friends. The town knew deep down they liked one another. Years later Austin was the QB for the Dallas team. He rarely made it to NC. Sommer had been called back to town with her mother's illness and Austin was in town visiting family during the same tine. The two reconnected and admitted to being g in love. When Austin returned to camp Somm [...]

  • sha'kia says:

    AwesomeA great book thru and thru won't disappoint at all.Austin and Sommer are your typical boy and girl hate each other throughout childhood secretly liking one another. After 10 years they finally get the chance to be open. Sommer dealing with her mom having cancer doesn't want to leave her side to explore her chance with Austin. Austin visits home and gets his chance with Sommer finally. Kyle is such a pain in the ass meddling in Sommer life. Austin and Sommer face typical ridicule once a se [...]

  • Michelle says:

    Loved it.Sommer and Austin I loved their story. Friends since toddlers grew up rivals and into adults to find out the rival they had between them was really love. The stuff fairy tales are made of. Kyle, don't even want to waste my words on him. And the dad I am so glad he got what should have come to him when he was a teen. Even though he was dirt, their mother Emma made sure to get herself, Austin and his sister away from him. Kudos to her. Sad that Sommers mom didn't see her grand grow but sh [...]

  • Lynnai says:

    Loved itI thoroughly enjoyed this book. It was not your typical BWWM romance novel, which was a good thing. I could not put it down. I was very impressed by how the author spoke to the bigotry. It is still prevalent even in 2016 with all that has been done to change people's mindsets and this book brought it out in a novel way. I absolutely loved Sommer and Austin's story, it's a shame that it took them so long to see that they were meant for each other. I will definitely read more by this autho [...]

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