Amanda Weds a Good Man

Amanda Weds a Good Man More information to be announced soon on this forthcoming title from Penguin USA

Amanda Weds a Good Man One Big Happy Family Amanda Weds a Good Man has ratings and reviews kerrycat said The glaring difference between Amanda and Wyman s bishops shows how Amanda Deonandan and Jonathan Harrilall s Wedding Welcome to Amanda Deonandan and Jonathan Harrilall s Wedding Website View photos, directions, registry details and at The Knot. Amanda Weds a Good Man One Big Happy Family, Book One Amanda Weds a Good Man One Big Happy Family, Book One by Naomi King is a nice story of a blended family coming together amidst misunderstandings and hardships I think King did a very nice job of presenting the families as a group of real life people with real life struggles and real life feelings. Amanda Weds A Good Man PDF Download Amanda Weds A Good Man Amanda weds a good man one big happy family by naomi king, amanda weds a good man has Amanda Weds A Good Man One Big Happy Family Amanda weds a good man, one big happy family series , amanda lambright loves wyman brubaker, and after four years as a single mother, she is grateful for his Amanda Kiefer at E Weds on Twitter My first Tweet with a location You can add location information to your Tweets, such as your city or precise location, from the web and via third party applications. One Big Happy Family Series by Naomi King Amanda Weds a Good Man One Big Happy Family and Emma Blooms At Last One Big Happy Family, Amanda Brunott and Michael Handley s Wedding Welcome to Amanda Brunott and Michael Handley s Wedding Website View photos, directions, registry details and at The Knot. Amanda Wedding Bali Amanda Wedding Bali With nuance Bali Island who well known as the Island of a thousand temples create different atmosphere with the other regions. Amanda Seyfried Amanda Michelle Seyfried s a f r d SY fred born December , is an American actress, model, and singer songwriter She began her career as a model when she was , then her acting career at with recurring parts on the soap operas As the World Turns and All My Children.

More information to be announced soon on this forthcoming title from Penguin USA.
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  • kerrycat says:

    The glaring difference between Amanda and Wyman’s bishops shows how the word of God can be manipulated, and Wyman’s support of Amanda — who insists on respect in a culture that frowns on assertive women — is a shining example of a husband fulfilling his marriage vows. The busy social life they share with family and friends is a sweet counterpoint to the serious nature of their personal and spiritual dilemma.Amanda and Wyman’s marriage, which unites eight children and Amanda’s mother- [...]

  • Kristin says:

    I just finished reading Amanda Weds a Good Man (One Big Happy Family #1) written by Naomi King. The first thing that came to my mind is the "Brady Bunch" , " Yours, Mine and Ours" and "Cheaper by the Dozen." What happens to the family dynamics when you combine 2 strikingly different families together? Are Englisher families as depicted in these movies similar to Amish families that have to experience this?? From the moment that you start reading this book, you will feel the emotions radiating th [...]

  • Jodi says:

    I love Amish romance stories, and this one, with the heroine, Amanda, starting a new married life with a widower named Wyman, and blending their children together in to one big "Brady Bunch" of a family, was very touching. I have never read any of Mrs. King's previous works, but, I will be looking for more of them. She gets so much detail right, from the differing bishops' enforcement of the Ordunug to the trauma that little Alice Ann experienced when she was just a baby. Courtship, moving to a [...]

  • Tara Lee says:

    Amanda Weds a Good Man is the third novel I've read by Naomi King (a.k.a. Charlotte Hubbard). And while this particular story goes on about families completely unfamiliar to me up to this point, there are some familiar faces that pop up every now and then which makes reading this feel like home. Do you know what I mean?Amanda's husband has died. Wyman's wife has, unfortunately, passed as well. It seems that Amanda's family is doing what they can to move on while Wyman's is stuck in a sort of sta [...]

  • Kathleen (Kat) Smith says:

    I have fallen in love with the people of Cedar Creek through author Naomi King who introduced us to a handful of the residents there in her novels Rosemary Opens Her Heart and Abby Finds Her Calling. Now launching a new series, One Big Happy Family, Naomi introduces us to Amanda Lambright, a widow with three children who has managed to raise her family in the last four years even if it has been a struggle as a single mom. She finds solace in her best friend Abby who runs A Stitch in Time in Ceda [...]

  • Ruth Hill says:

    I am so thrilled to be reviewing yet another amazing Amish book by such a prolific author. I have said it before, and I will continue to say it. Naomi King/Charlotte Hubbard is the preeminent Amish author on the market today. And I honestly don't say that because I have come to know her through our working relationship--that certainly helps. But her books are so different from the typical Amish fare. Her female protagonists are not shrinking violets who do exactly what their men tell them to, an [...]

  • Laura says:

    Title: AMANDA WEDS A GOOD MANAuthor: Naomi KingPublisher: New American Library TradeNovember 2013ISBN: 978-0451417879Genre: Amish / Women’s fiction The Amish community of Cedar Creek is celebrating a wedding! When Amanda Lambright, widowed with three daughters, marries Wyman Brubaker, a widower with five children, she envisions joining their two households into one big happy family. But it isn’t quite that easy.Amanda Lambright loves Wyman Brubaker, and after four years as a single mother, s [...]

  • Marie says:

    When I first picked up this book, I wasn’t sure what to expect. I’ve read Amish mysteries and thrillers, along with a few short story Amish romances – but never a full length novel. So when I opened the cover, I was shocked to find myself instantly lost in an amazing world with Amanda, Wyman and their very eclectic extended family. Each character is written with incredible detail, projecting the dynamic of family to a tee, particularly the children. They are exactly what you would expect o [...]

  • Frances says:

    Amanda Weds A Good Man was everything I hoped it would be d more. I was pleasantly surprised to find that the author kept the story very real. Amanda has children. The man she marries, Wyman, also has children. Blending families is a difficult task no matter the circumstances. Yet somehow we think for the Amish it may be different. They lead, what one imagines, very peaceful lives with obedience being a major factor. I think we do that because in our lives everything is hurried and electronic. W [...]

  • Paula-O says:

    Series One Big Happy Family by Naomi King, book #1 "Amanda Weds a Good Man"Amanda is a young widow with three daughters to raise, after her husband was killed in accident with farming equipment so suddenly. One day they were one big happy family and the next he was gone and she was struggling.Amanda was allowed to work with pottery which she had a talant for making pretty pieces from. With the monies from this and help from a nephew that she had raised from a child when his parents were killed, [...]

  • Janice Aitkens says:

    I read this on the KindleIf you wish to read this book i would suggest you read the first 2 books in Home at Cedar Creek book just so you can understand who is who as even after reading those books i could still get a little confused with which person was from which of the families but this did not detract from the bookI love the book & I loved the way the Bishop who Wyman was under was me i think if i was told i had to kneel down for confession i may have but done it in away showing all his [...]

  • Wall-to-wall books - wendy says:

    LOOOOOOOOOVED! What more can I say? This was the perfect book for me! This was my second book by Naomi King (the first was Abby Finds Her Calling). I loved it right from the very beginning. I don't know what it was about it really. It just felt like I was living along side them in their everyday lives. Almost like they were kind enough to invite me into their homes for the duration of this story. It felt so real to me. Not overdone, not slow - just just perfect. Naomi King is an excellent writer [...]

  • D.J. says:

    This book begins with Amanda—no big surprise there if you read the title—and includes several weddings… Matt and Rosemary, who fell in love in the previous series (Home at Cedar Creek) plus Phoebe and Owen, who have been courting. Abby and Sam offer to have Amanda and Wyman’s wedding at their home, and before you know it, all three couples are joined in marriage.Their wedding may have been easily arranged, but joining two families together is more difficult than either of them expected. [...]

  • Ali's Books says:

    While Amanda Lambright and Wyman Brubaker may be the central focus of this novel, they are really just a tiny portion of the story. As with your typical Amish story, this is about whole communities of people. You get to see the ins and outs of their lifestyle. You see some of the goodness that I’ve always felt drawn to, but then you also get to witness some of their struggles and unforgiving attitudes. I might add here that this is the first Amish story that I’ve read that referenced sex. I [...]

  • Maureen Timerman says:

    Ok, this is a new series, and I love it, but it is also a return to Home At Cedar Creek. Now you don't have to read the other books to enjoy this one, but oh how you will want to.Enjoy the tenacity of Amanda, in the Amish Patriarch Society! Also the warm heart of Wyman, although it took a disaster to wake him up!Amanda's beloved husband Atlee has passed away. She has three daughters and her Mother-In-Law to take care of, and has a hard time making ends meet. When the story opens she is setting t [...]

  • Melina says:

    This story started out a little slow for me, but towards the middle it really picked up and I didn't want to put it down. There is more going on in this book besides Amanda wedding Wyman and combining their families. There is also the love story of James and Abby that is playing out and how he can't find the right time to ask Abby to marry him. I felt that Naomi did a very good job portraying Amanda's dilemma. Amanda and her family have a very hard time fitting in at Wyman's home and in his dist [...]

  • Barb Klein says:

    “Amanda Weds a Good Man" by Naomi King, and published by Penguin was a very fast novel to read.The story is about a widow with three children who marries a widower with five children and the problems and promises that come with that merger of families. It is to be expected that certain family procedures for each family might have problems combining into a workable arrangement. Sometimes husbands are not as cognizant about hurtful words or actions and so this novel takes the reader through the [...]

  • Debbie Phillips says:

    I don't have time for a long review.I loved this book. I want to read some more books by Naomi King.I loved the story, the characters, the blending of the families. Like an Amish 'Brady Bunch'. I can't wait to read the next book in the series due out later this year.I just wanted those who read my reviews to know that I felt this book had some information about marriage and sex that some would not want to read about. I know I would not recommend the book to my daughters even though they are in t [...]

  • Dawn says:

    I read the second book two in this series before I read this one. I love the story of Amanda and Wyman. Their marriage goes through some trials and tribulations. I was so mad at Uriah their bishop that I could have screamed (read book and find out). When story destroys part of Wyman's house no one from his district shows up to help with repairs or clean up. After making a big decision that will change all of the Brubaker family for the better.

  • Elizabeth says:

    Book was good. Widowed Amanda, mother of 3 marries widower Wyman, father of 5! New household is simply chaotic. Problem was their Bishop and neighbors, who for some reason, were tough on Amanda and her kids. Glad in the end they moved to Amanda's old neighborhood. Good for them.

  • Jennifer Marksch says:

    Good book! Naomi King puts a typical "Amish" fiction into a little different way. This is a good book I will be reading more of her books!

  • April Suter says:

    Amanda marries Wyman and they combine their families but have a tough time blending into their new home and district. "Courage is fear that has said its prayers." -- Amish Proverb.308 pages

  • Arlene says:

    This book is one that I will keep in my library. I enjoyed this book. I really enjoyed reading this delightful book.

  • Christy says:

    It was nice and refreshing to read about an Amish woman who is older and quite interesting I might add. The family dynamics in this book make it a tried and true winner. Plenty of homespun humor to.

  • Pat says:

    An excellent story about blending families and the differences in the Amish from one district to another.

  • Tina says:

    Simple, realistic and full of reminders of faith! She is a great writer and I'm glad to take my Grandma's advice and read her books.

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